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I've written and self-published two novels so far in the genre of modern action horror. Vampires, Zombies, Demons, Werewolves with a few pesky humans thrown in as well. You can check them out via the link below!

I am currently working on the third book of the Undead War trilogy as well as a new Fantasy novel and a stream of Fan-fiction for the TV show Psych. Look me up at psychfic.com.


Latest Psych Episode Complete!

My latest episode in my Stranger Than Fiction series for Psych is complete!  Check it out and drop me a review!  Always love to hear from folks.

Chapter #7 is up!

My latest Psych episode is almost done.  If you’ve been following Stranger Than Fiction this is episode 6 in the series.   This is an alternate universe series set during season six.  If you’re a fan of the show, check it out!

Episode 4: The Phantom Drabble

Halloween is coming and I LOVE this time of year!  Here’s a little something to set the mood, inspired by the Slender Man.


Stillness descended on the rural town.  One by one, the lights winked out in the houses scattered along the quiet streets until the only illumination came from the street lamps.  The moonlight was muted by a thin layer of clouds and the stars were barely visible.  This quiet would be peaceful if not for the underlying tension in the air, a palpable feeling of fear and dread.

Something stalked the streets.  

Moving through the shadows, a lone figure slipped from one patch of darkness to another with silent, gliding steps.  An inky blackness seemed to follow this creature, for it could not be considered a man.  Its torso and limbs were elongated, like a shadow of a man cast by a distant light.  Its skin was pale and withered like old parchment.  There were no eyes, no mouth, no nose - its face was just warped flesh.

Wherever it moved, the darkness grew and in that deepening shadow, it looked even less human.  Black tendrils stretched outward, writhing and grasping.  It made no sound and the air around the creature became deathly still.

Eventually it came to stop in front of small ranch style house.  The porch light flickered like a candle.  Curtains fluttered in the second story window and a pair of large frightened eyes could be seen in the sputtering glow.  

The light finally went out with a soft pop and a shower of sparks as darkness surged toward the house.  

Tonight, the phantom will feed.

Drabble #3

I got behind on my Drabble-A-Day entries over the weekend due to a lack of time and energy.  So to make up for it, here is another second one for today.  I think the inspiration is clear.  I hope you enjoy it.


She spins like maple seed caught on the breeze.  Colorful silken fabric rustles and snaps with crisp whip-crack sounds.  Her hair, unbound, tumbles over her shoulders as she comes to a stop in front of me.  Our eyes meet.  A flirtatious wink makes my heart flutter and I find myself grinning back at her.

She turns away again and her body begins to undulate to the slow pulsing rhythm of the drum.  I wet my lips and bring the mouthpiece of my clarinet back into position.  My breath slides over the reed as my fingers flow over the shining keys of my instrument.  I close my eyes and let the music ripple outward from my heart and soul.

A connection is made: sound and movement intertwined in a pattern that can only be described as sensual.  When I open my eyes, she stands facing me, her hips sliding back and forth hypnotically while her arms and hands weave a slow, intricate pattern. We stare at each other, lost in a moment of passion while the music swirls around us.  

Finally, she turns away to face the crowd once more.  They watch her adoringly but very few of them are aware of the link that has been forged.  As long as the music continues, she and I are one.

Let the Drabble Continue!

"I wish I had a time travel device to go meet my ancestors!"  The young girl’s voice cut through the stillness of the lazy Sunday morning.

The girl’s father sat behind his desk, sipping his coffee and watching over her while cartoons played in the background.  A small smile slid over his lips as he muttered softly to himself, “that’s my girl.”

"I know daddy, I have to be careful though.  If I change anything, it could cause a pair of ducks.  I don’t know why that’s bad, but the Doctor guy with the blue box - he said it could really mess everything up."

"I think you mean ‘paradox’, honey."  he said, the grin becoming wider.  "And yeah, those are very bad.  Has mommy been letting you watch our shows again?"

She played with her dolls, not answering for a little while.  Distractedly, she responded “No, I just had a long talk with the man.  He was really funny.  He asked if we had any fish fingers, but I laughed at him and said that fish don’t have fingers.  I hope he comes back again some day.”

Goosebumps appeared on his arms as a cold shiver ran up his back.  ”What man are you talking about?  Who was it?”

She turned an angelic smile up at him and said matter-of-factly, “Yep!  That’s him!”


  - My daughter was watching Phineas and Ferb yesterday (thank you Netflix!) and after an episode involving time travel, she said those exact words from the first line of this scene.  My wife and I watched the latest Doctor Who last night and I couldn’t get her little voice out of my head.   This drabble was born.  Enjoy!

Drabble a Day: And… Begin!

I saw someone else doing this and I thought it was a great idea.  In gearing up for National Novel Writing Month (November), I’m going to start doing a drabble a day for the next 30 days: various settings from books, tv or games and some original stuff too.  So first up, a little scene from Star Wars: The Old Republic between my Sith Warrior and his new bride, the lovely twi’lek Vette.


"Vette, have you seen my spare saber hilt?"  I had to shout to be heard over the low hum of the engines.  The Emperor’s Wrath, indeed.  Crawling on the floor of the engine room and squeezing into spaces way too small for someone of my …stature.

"And why would you think I’d have it, oh great and powerful sith lord?"  My wife’s voice had a sharp edge to it that I’d come to recognize and dread; the tone that usually preceded a round of scathing remarks.  It amazed me that so much passion and fire could be contained in a creature so small and beautiful, but then, that was one of the reasons I married her.

With a hand on her hip, she continued scathingly.  ”You think I stole it or something?  Maybe I pawned it on our last trip to Nar Shadda.  Is that what you think?  Maybe your ‘apprentice’ borrowed it or that walking fleabag!  Why would I take your stupid saber thingy?”“

I turned to look at her.   Even sitting on the floor, I barely had to tilt my head to look into her glittering eyes.  ”Actually, my love.  I was asking you because the last time I had the ‘saber thingy’, it was attached to my belt.  The one that you pulled off of me and threw across the room during our last stop in port; when everyone else had shore leave…”

Her eyes became wide and a dark flush spread across her aqua-colored skin.  An almost shy smile slid over her lips and she slid down onto the floor next to me, her lithe form pressing against mine as she wriggled under the metal pipes.  Now her voice was soft, playful, and just a bit breathless.   “I’ll help you look.”

New Psychfic episode coming soon!

About to post the first chapter in my newest Psych episode in my Stranger than Fiction series!  This one’s called “On the Turning Away.”

If you need to catch up on the story so far, follow the link!

Some Guys Have All the Luck

My latest Psych episode in my Stranger Than Fiction series is complete!  Follow the link to the story and if you haven’t read the other episodes, follow the links from there to the series!   Enjoy!!

Have a new website set up!

Go to my site for all the news and updates on my progress with books, including a brand new book I’ve started and will be previewing soon!  You can also find links to my webstore to order copies of my books.   Let me know what you think.

  - JWG

The End of James Shepard (ME3 Spoiler Alert)

The giant blue beam in the heart of the Citadel fills my field of vision, blocking my view of Earth and the battle between the fleet I helped assemble and the Reapers.   That all fades away as I see the faces of the people who I’m fighting for, the people who gave their lives so I could get here: Thane, Kaidan, Mordin, Legion… Anderson.  

Damn that Illusive Man! All his meddling in this war only made things worse. We could have had a chance to end this so much better if it wasn’t for him.  The stupid indoctrinated bastard was working for the Reapers all along and he never even knew.  

But I can’t think about him now.  It only lessens everything that we have accomplished.  He and the Reapers failed and I’m still here.  

So, why am I rushing to meet my doom? Why don’t I destroy the Reapers and end this nightmarish cycle? Why don’t I take control of them and drive them back into the farthest corners of space?

The answer is simple: neither of those choices will stop this endless cycle of extinction. The Reapers are doing what they are programmed to do and they will never stop. Destroying them, if that’s truly possible, will only allow our ancestors to create another monstrous synthetic race to destroy everything later. Next time, the machines may decide to destroy all life instead of letting organics rebuild from the ashes.

Also, destroying them will also destroy the Geth and EDI. She and Legion have both shown how well Synthetics can adapt and integrate with organics.  They’ve come so far and they deserve a chance to see the universe and find their place in it.

If I take control, how long will it be before they break free? And what atrocities will be committed with the Reapers by whoever takes control after me? Cerberus and the Illusive Man are a perfect example of why organics can’t be trusted to use technology responsibly. Even the Quarians and what they did with the Geth show how we can take synthetics for granted and force them to turn them against us. There’s no way to know how long we would be able to maintain control of the Reapers. How long before uses them as a weapon against someone else and starts the whole cycle over again?

The only true solution is Synthesis. By joining Synthetic and Organic life, we break the cycle. We start something new that can last for an eternity. Javik would hate me for thinking this way, but he can’t see past the war that he fought and lost. He can’t see what we have accomplished in this cycle. He’s trapped in the past, only able to see the failure of his people. I hope that the people I care about and the rest of the galaxy can ever forgive me for making this choice.

I know this is the right choice, my only real choice, but do I have regrets?

My only one is that I won’t see her face again: Tali’zorah vas Normandy. MY Tali. I’ll never forget the warmth of her skin on mine and the look of love in her eyes. Our last night together when the fleet was mobilizing still lingers with me, all the passion and need driving us to an experience that still makes me tingle when I think of it. She stood by me through everything: facing Sovereign and taking down Saren, assaulting the Collectors and getting our crew out of there safely, the horrors of Sanctuary, and finally seeing Kai Lang fall and the destruction of Cerberus once and for all. Every step of the way, she’s been by my side.

She gave up her homeworld to be with me. I only hope she’s safe down there along with Ashley and James and EDI. Garrus And Javik followed me through hell to get here and I feel a surge of grief for them.  Javik, the only survivor from the last war with the Reapers and Garrus, my best friend, who survived a rocket to the face.  I hope they made it, like Anderson, but I heard Coats’ voice over the comm.  Hammer was wiped out.  

The endless swarm of Reapers nearly killed us a dozen times over on our way to the beam, but our fight was almost ended with the red flash of destruction. I know that was Harbinger staring down at us and I’ll bet that giant metal bastard loved seeing everyone fall. But now I can finally beat him. With just a few more steps, it will be over: the struggle, the fighting, the death.  As I blink away tears and focus on my path, my steps become more sure and I smile to myself.  I know this is right.

I take one last step and the brilliant energy blinds me. I jump and feel gravity take control as I tumble into the stream of heat. My entire body flares with the energy. Skin sloughs away to reveal circuitry. Blood turns into a stream of electric current and I feel my mind open up to the cosmos.  Awareness surges through me and the knowledge of the universe floods my mind.  The world dissolves in a field of luminous green and my last thought is of her, my Tali. I love you.